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Welcome to the official Mid-America Conference of Clubs website! We are an organization devoted to the promotion and coordination of the leather clubs in the central part of the U.S.
As a part of this website, you can find information about our history, who our current officers are and how to contact them, a calendar of events for MACC Members, and links to websites for each of our clubs.
MACC Mission Statement

The Mid America Conference of Clubs shall have as its mission the following goals:

1.) To serve as an informational , educational, and social forum for discussion of issues affecting the leather and levi clubs of the region;

2.) To coordinate the scheduling of club-sponsored events within the membership as far as is possible;

3.) To promote the standards of fellowship, mutual support, and cooperation among member organizations so as to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather community regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, or orientation;

4.) To present and promote a positive image of our lifestyle and the Leather/Levi/BDSM/Fetish community with dignity and respect.

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