Updated 4/18/2017

 Article I – Membership

Section 1        Membership shall be open to any established club within the geographical limits set forth by the constitution.

 Section 2        Any established club consisting of at least five (5) active members may submit an application for membership to the conference.

 Section 3        New membership applications will be voted on at either the fall or spring meeting of the conference. Acceptance into membership shall be by a two-thirds affirmative secret ballot vote of the member clubs present and voting.

 Section 4        In order to maintain membership, a member club must not be delinquent in payment of conference dues. Failure in the payment of dues for a period of 1-½ years will result in a roll call vote for membership continuation. Further, a member club must attend at least one (1) Conference meeting annually. Proxy attendance is acceptable to the Conference once every two years. Failure to attend will result in a roll call vote for membership continuation.

 Section 5        Inactive member clubs will be designated that statues for dues outstanding for more than 2 years and/or less than five active members. If inactive for more than 2 years and not heard from in that time, will be deleted from the conference by a vote of the conference membership. They will then be removed from the conference rolls.

 Article II – Dues

Section 1        All member clubs shall upon admission into the conference, pay an initial membership fee. This fee is set forth by the conference and shall be kept in the treasury and is non-refundable.

Section 2        The amount of annual dues shall be set forth by the conference. Annual dues are payable to the conference treasurer, prior to, or during the scheduled fall meeting.

 Article III – Delegates

Section 1        Each member club shall designate a regular delegate to the conference. A member club may also designate an alternate delegate, if they so desire. The means of choosing delegates shall be determined by each member club.

Section 2        Should both the regular and alternate delegate of any member club be absent from any meeting, another member of that club may act as second alternate.

Section 3        If a club member cannot represent a member club at a given meeting, it has the obligation to assign a written proxy vote to the president, secretary, or any club of their choice, prior to the meeting date.

Section 4        Each member club shall have one (1) vote.

 Article IV - Maintaining Voting Privileges

Section 1        In order to maintain voting privileges in the conference, a member club must maintain a membership of at least five (5) active members.

Section 2        Membership of fewer than five (5) members in no way affects a club's membership status in the conference, however, voting privileges will be suspended, until club membership has returned to five (5) or more members.

 Article V – Meetings

Section 1           There will be a minimum of four (4) scheduled meetings, (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall), of the conference each year. The winter and summer meetings shall be either via conference call or web-based. The winter meeting date and time shall be decided at the fall meeting, and the summer meeting date and time shall be decided at the Spring meeting. The site and date of the Spring and Fall meetings will be set forth by the conference. (A decision as to when the voting for these sites should take place, in the Spring or Fall, or a year in advance, so that conference plans can be made well ahead of time.) The Spring meeting for the following year will be done at the Spring meeting and the same applies to the Fall meeting.

Section 2        There may be a special meeting of the conference to be held at a time and place agreed upon by the member clubs of the conference.

Section 3        No business shall be conducted at a regular conference meeting unless two-thirds of the member club delegates are present. If not less than two-thirds present, then the elected officers will exercise their option and getting final approval of the delegates at the next scheduled meeting.

Article VI - Officers and Elections

Section 1        The officers of this conference shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.

Section 2        Any member of the conference may be nominated and elected to any office.

Section 3        Nominations for officers shall be held at the scheduled spring meeting of the conference. Nominations for the offices of President and Treasurer shall be accepted in even numbered years and nominations for Vice President and Secretary shall be accepted in odd numbered years.

Section 4        Any member of the conference nominated for an office may decline the nomination.

Section 5        Election of officers shall be held at the scheduled fall meeting of the conference and shall be by secret ballot from the list of names placed in nomination. A simple majority vote of the member club delegates present and voting is required to elect each officer.

Article VII - Duties of the Officers

Section 1.     The President shall:

  • Preside at all conference meetings.
  • Present the current agenda at the scheduled meeting.
  • Exercise general supervision over the affairs of the conference.
  • Appoint any committees deemed necessary
  • Serve as ex-office member of these committees
  • Appoint any advisors he deems necessary.
  • In the absence of the treasurer, he may sign checks in payment of conference obligations.

 Section 2.    The Vice President shall:

  • Preside at all conference meetings in the absence of the President, as well as carrying out the other duties required of the President.
  • Check the attendance for voting privileges.
  • Will set forth the calendar of events.
  • Provide name tags for delegates only.
  • Will also handle the counting of the votes.

 Section 3.    The Secretary shall:

  • Record all conference minutes and mail copies to the member club delegates and club addresses within sixty (60) days following each meeting.
  • Maintain all records for the conference including the yearly run calendars, officer and club address mailing lists, and email the roster, etc.

 Section 4.    The Treasurer shall:

  • Keep accurate financial records for the conference.
  • Collect dues from member clubs, and keep these funds in a bank.
  • Disburse conference funds in payment of all obligations agreed upon by the conference.
  • Prepare and distribute financial statements to the member clubs.

 Section 5.    Historian - pro-tem.

Section 6        As the Board of Directors, they (the officers), shall see to the welfare of the conference, acting as (the) coordinating committee for any event sponsored by the conference.

 Article VIII – General

Section 1        Except where specified in these by-laws, all decisions on topics of major importance shall be made by roll call vote and shall require two-thirds (2/3) majority for approval. Decision on all other matters shall be by voice vote or show of hands, and shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority for approval.

 Section 2        All decisions of the conference shall be considered binding upon all member clubs.

 Section 3        Member clubs are required to indicate on their event publicity, the following: A MID-AMERICA CONFERENCE OF CLUBS SANCTIONED EVENT. Also, member clubs shall state in their run publicity whether or not the conference point system is being used.

 Section 4        Conference minutes and information sent to member clubs or to clubs outside the conference is not for general publication.

 Section 5        Any photographs taken at conference events which shows individual club members, shall not appear in any publication without a signed release by the individual(s) photographed.

 Section 6        Member clubs agree to make good any bad checks written by a member of their club after a grace period of thirty (30) days

 Section 7        Any individual at a conference sanctioned event/run, who is found to be under the influence of any non-prescription drug, may be requested to leave the event/run site.

 Section 8        It is recommended that Non-Alcoholic, as well as Alcoholic beverages be available at all cocktail parties. Also listing of those contents for those who have allergies to certain alcohol.

 Section 9        Any matter not covered by these by-laws shall be governed by (make) reference to "Roberts Rules of Order".

 Article IX – Amendments

Section 1        Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed at any regular meeting of the conference. Amendments are approved by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the member club delegates present and voting. Approved amendments shall become effective immediately.

 NOTE:             These revised by-laws became effective, February 26, 2000, and supersede all previous by-laws of this organization.

 NOTE:             These by-laws are intended to serve as a guideline for the operation of the conference. At the discretion of the conference, and with two-thirds (2/3) majority, specific statements of the by-lays may be temporarily set aside for the benefit of an individual or member club. The by-laws may never be set aside for purposes to be used against any individual member or member club.

MACC Point System
Purpose The purpose of this point system is to provide a uniform method of determining award winners at Mid-America Conference of Clubs (MACC) leather run weekends.

The focus is on participation by individuals and by extension participation by clubs. Participation is any act whereby an individual performs or is involved in an activity designed to earn points for awards for him-self or herself and for his or her club where primary membership is maintained.

Definitions Attendance – any member of any leather club or a GDI who has completed a registra-tion form from the host club, paid the regis-tration fee for the leather run, and has checked in with the host club as being pre-sent for a leather run.

Attendee – any member of any leather club or a GDI who is in attendance at a leather run.

Full Member – any member of any club who has total voting rights on all issues brought before the membership and especially has the voting right to elect officers of that club and usually pays the highest amount of membership fees.

GDI – any individual who is not a member of any MACC club or non-MACC club.

Host club – any club that has a minimum of five (5) Full Members and belongs to Mid-America Conference of Clubs and is spon-soring the leather run.

Leather run – a weekend of camaraderie and friendship which contains time for games, net working, socializing, entertainment, din-ing, and rest. All aspects are to be planned by a host club.

MACC – Mid-America Conference of Clubs whose membership is comprised of clubs located in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Omaha, and St. Petersburg. Each club must maintain a minimum of five (5) Full Members to main-tain its voting rights.

Non-Attendee – any member of any leather club who is not in attendance at a leather run.

Pledge – any member of any leather club who is working towards fulfilling require-ments of that leather club to be classified by that club as a Full Member; usually, this is a stage between Associate Member and Full Member.

Primary membership – the club to which each club member gives his or her main re-sources and support; usually but not always a club that is located closest to a club mem-ber’s home.

Tally Master – a Full Member of a host club who is responsible for tallying scores, re-cording scores, and reporting the scores to the Full Members of a host club.

Basic Rules
1. A host club and all its members whose primary membership is the host club will not participate in point accumulation nor receive any award based on any activity contained within this point system.
2. No host club is required to use this point system. However, according to MACC By-laws, the use of this point system or the use of an alternate point system must be stated in all its leather run publicity.
3. Full Members of a host club are the sole judges of all events and scoring. Final scoring of points should be available for inspection after awards are presented.
4. There are four (4) sources of earned points (attendance; distance; games; club participation) and three (3) award groups (distance; games; club participation).
5. If the MACC Point System is used by a host club, all four (4) awards mentioned in basic rule number 4 above and detailed later in this Point System must be awarded.
6. Each host club will play each game numerous times to be sure that safety is not in doubt.
7. Each host club will endeavor to create games which are inclusive for all attendees.
8. Above all, each host club will endeavor to create games which are fun and inviting so as to encourage participation.


Points and Awards Attendance Points
Only Full Members and Pledges can earn points for attendance.

Each Full Member earns two (2) points for attendance.

Each Pledge earns one (1) point for attendance.

The Tally Master will determine the final Attendance Points for each Full Member and Pledge. These attendance points are a part of determining the Club Participation Award.


Distance Points and Award
The Distance Award is for the Full Member attendee or Pledge attendee who travels the furthest distance to attend a leather run. No other attendees of a club are eligible for the Distance Award. However, the points earned by Full Member attendees, Pledge attendees and all other attendees of a primary membership club are counted by the host club toward club participation points which determines the Club Participation Award.

Travel is based on mileage between the city in which the host club is holding a leather run and the city in which an attendee resides.

Points are earned by each attendee based on a percentage of the total miles traveled by an attendee from his or her residence to the leather run site.

Points earned for each mile traveled by each Full Member attendee or Pledge attendee is doubled if he or she rides a motorcycle to a leather run.

The Tally Master will use a reputable and reliable source for determining the mileage and points for each attendee. Such reputable and reliable sources include but are not limited to mileage charts from Automobile Association of America (AAA), Map Quest or a current printed atlas.

The same source of mileage will be used for all distance determinations.

The Tally Master will determine the final Distance Points for each Full Member attendee, Pledge attendee, and all other members of a primary membership club who are attendees.

This award will go to the Full Member at-tendee or Pledge attendee who has the high-est distance points earned. In case of a tie, the host club will devise a fair method of breaking the tie or opt to present duplicate awards for as many attendees who are tied for the distance award.

To calculate the Distance Points, the Tally Master using a reputable and reliable source of mileage for each leather run attendee will multiply the mileage determined to be the distance for each attendee by .01 and carry the multiplication to two (2) decimal places rounding to two (2) decimal places where needed. This is the Distance Points for each leather run attendee.


Games Points and Awards
All attendees of a leather run may earn points for games.

Each attendee earns one (1) point for each game he or she plays for the primary mem-bership club for which he or she had registered.

Each attendee earns additional points for each first place, second place, and third place which he or she receives for an indi-vidual game.

Each first place winner of a game earns an additional 10 points. Each second place winner of a game earns an additional 7 points. Each third place winner of a game earns an additional 5 points.

If a game requires pairs, the additional points earned for first, second, and third places are split evenly between the pairs participating.

In case of a tie in a game, the host club will devise a fair method of breaking the tie.

The Tally Master will determine the final Games Points for each attendee who participates in games.


Club Participation Points and Awards
Only MACC clubs or non-MACC clubs with at least five (5) Full Members can earn points for the club participation award. This paragraph applies to every calculation and determination of points in this section of the MACC Point System.

To determine the points earned for the Club Participation Award, use the following mathematical calculations for each club at-tending the leather weekend providing that there are at least five (5) Full Members for a club:

Step 1: Add together the number of Full Member attendees and the number of Pledge attendees for a club (Answer A)

Step 2: Add together the number of Full Members (attendees and non-attendees) and the number of Pledges (attendees and non-attendees) for a club (Answer B)

Step 3: Divide Answer A (Step 1) by Answer B (Step 2) and carry to eight (8) decimal places. (Answer C)

Step 4: Multiply Answer C by 100 leaving six (6) decimal numbers. (Answer D)

Step 5: For each MACC and non-MACC club participating in a leather run, add to Answer D the Attendance Points earned for each attendee for a respective club, the Distance Points earned for each attendee for a respective club, and the Game Points earned for each attendee for a respective club. (Answer E)

The resulting number from Step 5 (Answer E) is the points earned by a MACC or a non-MACC club for club participation.

The Tally Master will determine the final points for each MACC or non-MACC club and rank in descending order all clubs.

The club with the highest number of points will receive the first place Club Participation Award. The club with the second highest number of points will receive the second place Club Participation Award. The club with the third highest number of points will receive the third place Club Participation Award.

In case of a tie, the host club will devise a fair method of breaking the tie based on participation.