Trident International Windy City

Chicago, IL

Founded 1973

PO Box 408755
Chicago, IL 60640-9998


Trident International Windy City annually hosts two fund raising events that benefit our selected charity.

Every autumn we host the Chili Cook Off where we enlist representatives of Chicago area LGBT+ and Leather/Kink organizations and businesses to compete with their favorite chili recipes.

In the spring we build upon the basic concepts of the Chili Cook Off and host Cupcake Wars! This is a chance for the community to show off their baking skills in a 3 prong competition.

About the Organization

Trident International Windy City is a pan-sexual Leather social organization based in Chicago, IL. Founded in July 1993 as a chapter of the greater Trident International. We focus our activities to social activities that provide a positive image for the Leather & LGBT community. We have a strong social conscious and strive to give back to the communities we live in. Currently our charitable organization of choice is Broadway Youth Center. We work to support them through various small fund raising events throughout the year. Most notably are our Chili Cook Off in the fall and Cup Cake Wars in the spring.

History of the Organization

Formation: Founded in Montreal in February of 1973, Trident M.C., now International was the result of an idea by two non-club independents.

Purpose: Its purpose was to give individuals identity and recognition in order to permit involvement in the local, national and international L/L (Levi/Leather) brother and sisterhood.

Identity: Trident International was named and formed during the existence of a Montreal waterfront tavern, The Neptune. The name and logo resulted from the use of the three pronged fork carried by King Neptune, God of the Waters. The logo design stylized the fork and the emblem of the Province of Quebec, the ‘Fleur-de-lis’. The basic colors of red and black were those most frequently used by large clubs and affiliations.

Chicago Chapter: The first chapter of the Trident International ever to exist in the city of Chicago was founded by Rob Ridinger & John Schultz. John having been a member of Trident Toledo and after meeting Rob in December 1992, decided to establish a Trident chapter in Illinois. In keeping with the requirements for the starting of a new chapter, the first three members of Trident International Windy City were John Schultz, Rob Ridinger and Ed Luisi of the Rodeo Riders, an associate of Trident Toledo. The chapter was officially chartered in August 1993 and held its first bar night at Touché the same month.

Membership: Although initially intended for just the two Montreal founders, membership was sought and extended to others of close association and friendship. These included members of L/L clubs, independents, and newcomers to the L/L scene. Membership is now open to anyone who is not a member of a back patch club, and wishes to be part of the Trident International. Associate memberships are offered to those who are already a Full Member of a back patch club; or wish to remain independent, but wish to affiliate with a Leather Brother/Sisterhood. Associate Membership is also how one must start their path towards Full Membership with Trident International Windy City. Members must agree to abide by the Trident Creed.

Pledging: To become a member of Trident International Windy City, one must be an associate for a minimum of one year. After that time the club may extend an invitation to pledge. Standard pledge period is six months to one year. During this time, you must attend the regularly scheduled meetings, help out at club nights, travel to another event with the club and complete a Pledge Project under the direction of the Pledge Master.