Corn Haulers L&L Club
Des Moines, Iowa​

Founded 1974

PO Box 632
Des Moines, Iowa 50303

Home Bar
Blazing Saddle

Monthly Events

Beer Bust 

Blazing Saddle | 2pm-6pm | 1st Sunday

We invite you to the Blazing Saddle for unlimited beer for $10! Money raised goes to support Iowa Animal Rescue League, All Iowa AIDS Benefit, and other community charities.

History of Organization

The Corn Haulers L & L Club is a social organisation of men and women celebrating the Leather & Levi lifestyle. The Club is the oldest LGBT organization in the state of Iowa. The Corn Haulers are loosely based on the motorcycle clubs of the ’60s and ’70s as evidenced by our leather Club vest with our patches.


Through out our event we raise funds for the Iowa community including the Iowa Animal Rescue League, CAAP, and many other Iowa charities.