Mike Ferry - President

Corn Haulers L&L
Des Moines, IA

Your Fearless Leader, Mike Ferry

Mike is a true Iowa boy, born in Fort Dodge Iowa some time in the middle of the last century. He has lived in Denver Colorado and Orlando Florida, but is truly proud to call Des Moines Iowa home for the last several decades.
Shortly after the Earth cooled, (that would be the early 1980s) Mike discovered the leather community, learning all he could from the charming men he met along the way
A member of the Corn Haulers L&L Club since 1999, Mike has held pretty much every office in the Club, working the Beer Busts and making sure the Club’s bi-annual Runs go smoothly guaranteeing the Club’s guests experience true Iowa hospitality.

For the past several years Mike has been the MACC Secretary, accepting the office of President less than a year ago. Mike looks forward to working with the MACCC delegates and officers in the coming years.

Ed Walton - Vice President

Blue Max Cycle Club
St Louis, MO

Ed is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri where he is President of the Blue Max Cycle Club. Ed is celebrating his tenth year of being a full member of Blue Max. Ed is also the Vice President of Mid American Conference of Clubs (MACC), and Associated Member of the following clubs: Corn Haulers Levi and Leather Club (Des Moines, Iowa), Hoist (Memphis, Tennessee ), Conductors (Nashville, Tennessee), Argonauts (Green Bay, Wisconsin), Rudis (St. Louis)

Ed represented the Mr. Northwoods title in 2017, and is a proud member of the IML class of 2018 where he placed in the top 20. He has traveled to many events throughout the Midwest and Irelands’ Dublin Leather weekend during his title year and he continues to travel frequently to leather events.

Ed actively promotes local clubs by reaching out to people new to the kink community. He believes the community has a lot of other things to offer beyond just kink, such as camaraderie, friendship, and support.

Ray Lemons - Treasurer

Blue Max Cycle Club
St Louis, MO

 I became a member Blue MAX C.C. at the January meeting in 1996 and became an Honorary member in August 2014 after 18 ½ years.

In January 1999 I was voted in as Treasure through August 2005.

In 2009 I was voted in as President until August 2014.

I am an Associate member of the Argonauts, KC Pioneers, Conductors, The wolf Pack, and the Corn Haulers. And the following deceased clubs (Louisville Night Wings, Gateway MC, Atlanta Panthers, Leo of Omaha)

In August of 2015 I was voted in as the MACC Treasure.

My Husband Samuel Lord and I live in Clarksville, Tn. 

Kelvin Amburgey-Walton - Secretary

Nashville, TN

Born in SE Kentucky and got the hell out as soon as possible, Moved to Nashville TN in 1992 to perform in Theatre and Dance Companies in the area. He became an associate member of Conductors after helping the club with several Run shows and then Pledged and became a full member. He has served as Run Captain, Secretary, Vice President and President of the Conductors during his time with the Nashville Club.

He is also an Associate Member of Iron Eagles, Rangers, Corn Haulers, Hoist, TN Leather Tribe and The Raptors of Middle TN.

He is also a member of Team Friendly Tennessee as well as a Saint with the Music City Sisters.

Community is all important in the LGBTQIA+ world and Kelvin has always been a part of multiple areas within this world.

Rob Ridinger - Historian

Trident International Windy City
Chicago, IL

Rob was born in a small town east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania soon after the solar nebula ignited and attended Pitt for his undergrad and graduate work, focusing on the fields of anthropology and German and library science. Two years at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland for master’s work were followed by three incredible years working as a librarian in the Peace Corps at the National University of Lesotho in southern Africa. Once back in the northern hemisphere, he landed a faculty position in the library of Northern Illinois University and has been there since 1981, writing much on LGBT history and literature.

Rob’s leather life began in the early 1980s in northern Ohio and after a few years break resumed in the early 1990s, when he served as one of the three founders of Trident International Windy City and its longtime secretary. It was at his first runs that he became aware that there was no written history of the MACC and with the encouragement of MACC President Peter Thomas started assembling one in late 1993. The position of Historian pro tem was created at the autumn meeting of the MAC in Atlanta, Georgia on November 2, 1996, Ridinger was confirmed in this office at the summer 1997 MAC meeting at Oberons in Milwaukee on June 20. The badge of historian was awarded to him at the officers’ meeting on the evening of April 17, 1998 in Kansas City. Within the MACC, Rob established associate memberships with many of the clubs, and could often be seen at runs checking out the host clubs’ trophy cases, tracking the elusive past of the conference.

At IML 1996, he met with Anthony DeBlase and was invited by him to travel to Portland, Oregon to give a paper on the MACC history project at that year’s Living in Leather. Soon after, he joined the group of people organizing the Leather Archives and Museum under the direction of Joseph Bean and was eventually elected to the Board of Directors, a post he still retains. 

He loves science fiction, space music, good beer, bad bears, awful puns, singing in the choir, and traveling to visit his leather family-the rest changes without notice…..beware……