KC Pioneers
Kansas City, Missouri​

Founded 1975

PO Box 413025
Kansas City, MO 64131

Home Bar
Missie B’s

Next Club Run
March 31, 2023 thru April 2, 2023

Monthly Events

Monthly Meeting
Missie B’s | 5pm-6pm | 3rd Sunday

Laidback Leather
Woody’s | 9pm-11pm | 2nd Thur

Club Night
Missie B’s | 8pm-12am | last Fri

Hands-On Workshops
Missie B’s | 8pm-10pm | 3rd Wed

Volunteer/Community Outreach
Variety of events contact them for more

History of Organization

In 1974, Bill Creek and Tee Dugas, members of Outpost of Texas Longhorns, moved from Dallas to the Kansas City area. With help from Jack Barr, Don Butler, Bill Dugger, Bob Welsh, and Jim White, these seven leather men founded a new motorcycle club, the Kansas City Pioneers.

As president, Jack Barr met with members of the club at their home bar, the Arabian Nights, also known as the Tent.

In the spring of 1975 , the KC Pioneers held their first run in the backyard of Bill Dugger and Jim White’s house.

The term “run” dates back to annual events held by motorcycle clubs. As a group, club members would jump on their motorcycles and “run” from one destination site to another, throughout the course of a weekend. Each club could complete in road skill tests called an enduro. As a tradition, the term “run” has stuck to the annual event, even though most leather club members across the country do not own motorcycles.

The PC Pioneers past home bars included Arabian Night, the Dixie Belle, the new DB and is currently Missie B’s. Displayed inside the trophy case next to the Leather Shop, you can see club awards that the club has received from attending out-of-town runs and events. Inside the leather shop you will see hanging the colors of brother and sister clubs that have been presented with great honor to the KC Pioneers throughout the years.

Early Kansas City Pioneer events included Leather Runs, which started in 1975 and is a tradition we continue to carry on today, campouts, and group motorcycle trips. The KC Pioneers responded to the AIDS crisis in the 80’s by focusing on fundraising to help our brothers and friends.

Through the years, the club has contributed to the local gay community by raising funds for local charities that support LGBTQ+ youth, HIV services, and anti-violence groups in the gay community. We have also worked with the bear community, MGRA rodeo, and KCPride on various projects and community outreach events. We look forward to helping out at future LGBT+ community opportunities.

In 2017, our group added a brand new educational program to our events in an effort to reach out to people who are just discovering and exploring their interests in the Leather and BDSM communities. The Kansas City Pioneers are focused around the needs and desires of the LGBT+ community in this world of straps, boots, and floggers. We welcome everyone to our events and group memberships.

Check the Kansas City Pioneers calendar for all the club’s events, workshops, and other leather focused LGBT+ happenings going on all around the Kansas City area.

For more history information, contact our historian or any club member for information. They would love to share their knowledge of the Pioneers’ past.