Blue Max Run 2021

On September 17-19, 2021, various MACC clubs and leather folk from around the Midwest and even further converged on Dawgwoodz Campground in Missouri for the Blue Max Cycle Club run and Fall MACC meeting. Titled the Highland Games, the theme was inspired by Scottish Clans coming together to commemorate Celtic culture and games. Attendees donned tartan kilts, leather, kink wear and sometimes nothing at all enjoying the food, drinks, games, entertainment, demonstrations, and possibly some mischief.

With perfect weather, only raining at the most opportune times, and the beautiful scenery of the campground, it was a perfect chance for folks to hop in the pool, relax on the patio or go take in some nature with their fellow leather folk.  A highlight of the run was the show put on by the members of Blue Max on Saturday performing to songs popular throughout the decades since the Blue Max Cycle Club was founded. Of course, there were also the customary cocktails party put on by different clubs with each preparing a delicious cocktail to serve.

The run was a great success reminding everyone of the brotherhood that is shared among our leather community.

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